Jeremy Hoare, Photographer, Television Lighting Cameraman

Posted on November 13, 2017 by Admin under MY HISTORY

My life has been a huge mixture of things; I am a multi-media image-maker, and part of a three-generation showbusiness family going back over 100 years. A visual sense has helped provide me with a hugely varied career as a photographer, television cameraman, lighting director, theatre lighting designer and camerawork tutor. Showbiz was clearly in the genes. My late father managed London’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane and was responsible for giving me my first camera, a Kodak Box Brownie, which I used to capture the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. It was only a school trip but arguably became my budding photographer’s first experience of an adventure with a camera and the ways of telling a story with it. Since the Box Brownie I have used cameras of most types; still, television, video and movie.

Television soon beckoned, and I spent many years as a Cameraman and Lighting Director with major UK networks, notably ATV at Elstree and Central Television in Nottingham. Throughout my career I have centred on the creation of images for ever more diverse audiences and using ever more diverse media. Recent work ranges from travel photography – my current core activity – to classic Hollywood portraiture, dance and music visuals. Other fields include tutoring in photography, lighting and camerawork, video production, pop group manager, author, journalist and online gallery owner are a few of the other things I’ve done.