‘Oh Boy!’

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Produced by the dynamic 27 year old Jack Good, it made stars of Cliff Richard, Marty Wilde, Billy Fury, The Verrnons Girls, The Dallas Boys and many more, and the Lord Rockingham’s XI band had a Number 1 hit with ‘Hoots Mon!’

This 1958 Rock N Roll show was the first on British television, live on Saturdays from ATV Hackney Empire Studio and I was a teenage Call Boy (Runner) on it!

For every one of the shows, three women, director Rita Gillespie, production assistant Diana Bramwell and vision mixer Tanya Cooke ran the shows from the Control Room under the Circle.

As I wanted to be a cameraman,(which I was in 1960) I was able to make an 8mm B&W silent film during rehearsals and have added some of the music to it. Because it was shot at such a pivotal moment in television history, when video tape recording had only just started, it has become a unique social document of its time.

Join me on Easter Sunday 9 April for a unique view, some of my anecdotes and many of the performers and their great songs of this 1958 Rock N Roll TV show, on Purbeck Coast 101.2 FM .

PLASA at Olympia

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