Black Box Projects – Liz Neilson and Steve Macleod

Posted on March 8, 2018 by Admin under ART

‘Photographs’ the invite said, as indeed it was; but not as I knew them.

I was lucky enough to attend the opening of a new Soho gallery where the work of two very different photographers was on show. Black Box Projects is a new art gallery which specialises in contemporary photography and contemporary art that is created using photographic materials.

Steve’s work was muted and dreamy, enigmatic and mysterious. You wrote your own story within the structure he gave you. All shot in the UK on a large format camera, he uses nature to share the conceptual impact and influence it can have on our emotions, our health and our imagination.

Liz’s work was from another planet photographically speaking, probably why she calls them photograms. Brilliant colours in wonderful shapes and patterns and each one a unique piece. Her unique photographs are printed in the analogue colour darkroom with handmade negatives and found light sources. The technique I could guess at but the execution here was beautiful, transcending reality into different worlds.

Overall, a very enjoyable launch exhibition but is only on for a week so do hurry to catch this great show.

Black Box Projects, 15 Bateman Street, Soho, London W1
10am-6pm, Tuesday 6 March – Saturday 10 March